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Wolff Adar IT Solutions Helps Business Recover From Email Hack

Wolff Adar IT Solutions Helps Business Recover From Email Hack

Wolff Adar IT Solutions Helps Business Recover From Email Hack

Email is an extremely common tool for hackers that attack unsuspecting businesses.

All it takes is one cybercriminal hacking into a staff member’s account to steal your data, compromise your business’s confidentiality, and worse. That’s why you need a team keeping an eye out for anyone trying to break into your staff’s inboxes.

Here’s a reminder of just how real email cybercrime is: a business recently reached out to us for help after they discovered one of their email accounts had been hacked. They knew an unauthorized party had access to their email and needed to deal with it before they stole data or caused damage.

That’s why they called Wolff Adar IT Solutions. Download our technology spotlight here.

How Did Wolff Adar IT Solutions Help This Business?

  • We immediately changed the user’s password to lock out the hacker.
  • We added a license for Azure AD P2 to ensure their email would be comprehensively monitored and protected.
  • We downloaded the last access logs to figure out where the connections were coming from and created conditional access rules to only allow logins from authorized locations.
  • We upgraded their cybersecurity with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all of their users, ensuring a hacker would need more than a password to get in.

Thanks to our speed of service, this business faced minimal consequences in the wake of this attack. They opted to hire us as their IT company, and we manage their systems to this day.

Our team continues to provide ongoing cybersecurity support and helps this business make sure they aren’t an easy target for a follow-up attack.

How Does Wolff Adar IT Solutions Protect Businesses Against Email Hackers?

We manage a Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure email accounts are protected. A SOC is a team of people, employing a range of processes and technologies to comprehensively protect a business.

We protect the businesses we work with by monitoring their email accounts for suspicious activity (multiple login attempts, unusual countries of origin, and other common signs of cybercrime). In the event of an alert, we spring into action to ensure the hacker is kicked out immediately, passwords are updated, and any vulnerabilities are eliminated.

What Would Happen If Your Email Account Was Hacked Right Now?

Do you have a plan? Are your email accounts protected? Do you have 2FA in place?

It’s a mistake to assume that just because you haven’t been hit by hackers yet, you won’t be anytime soon. You may think you can put off investing in effective cybersecurity support, but without warning, you may get hit.

Don’t assume you’re safe—working with the Wolff Adar IT Solutions team, you’ll know for sure. Discover more about our IT services and IT Support in North York, Vaughan, Markham and Toronto.