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Switching IT Companies In Toronto

Switching IT Companies In Toronto?

Switching IT Companies In Toronto When Frustrated With Your Current Vendor

Whatever your reasons are for switching IT companies, the process can be a distractive and time-consuming task. However, switching is the logical move when your current IT vendor struggles to meet your business needs.

While you should switch companies whenever it seems fit for your organization, you need to approach the transition strategically to prevent a situation that leaves your business hostage or disrupted.

Switching IT Companies Strategically to Avoid Setbacks Along the Way

Switching IT companies require a strategy because your current IT partner has admin access to everything in your network. Your IT vendor controls your IT infrastructure, and one wrong move would result in unnecessary downtime.

In the worst-case scenario, a wrong move can leave your business hostage. Here are critical steps to help you switch IT companies smoothly:

1. Get a New IT Partner Before Cancelling the Current IT Contract

The first step to switching IT companies is getting a replacement before canceling the contract with your current IT company.

You always require active IT support that ensures you don’t have downtime if problems arise during the transition period. More importantly, you need a trusted partner to walk your business through a smooth transition.

You shouldn’t terminate the existing contract before onboarding a new IT partner because it opens the chances of things going wrong.

For instance:

  • The switching process may prolong unnecessarily if the outgoing IT company refuses to co-operate
  • Critical IT functions might be shut down for days before getting a new IT partner
  • In case you face hostility from the outgoing service provider, you’ll face difficulty handling the situation

While the incoming and the outgoing service provider always have a strain, your business will be in a better position with a trusted IT partner on its side.

2. Get Admin Access to Your Entire Network

Your current service provider has high-level access over your network. The IT company also has some of your data on their system.

You need to get complete control of your network before changing IT companies. If you don’t have all the logins and passwords, ask your vendor to give them to you so that you can execute administrative tasks such as:

  • Creating new passwords and usernames
  • Controlling systems across your IT environment
  • Rendering access and permissions for users
  • Checking for all copies of your data backups

In other words, you need complete control of your IT systems and network.

3. Instruct Your New Team to Run Security Review to Eliminate Backdoors

You need to ensure no backdoor for unauthorized system access. Since the current IT company will no longer be serving you, ensure they don’t have access to your network for privacy and security reasons.

Your new IT partner should use their expertise to identify and seal all backdoors on your network to prevent unauthorized access. For backdoors that can’t be disabled, the incoming team should monitor to lower the chances of attack.

4. Notify The Outgoing IT Service Provider about Contract Termination

Contract cancellation is an uncomfortable situation for the outgoing team. However, notify them in a humane way possible to avoid backlash. Most contract cancellations are smooth, but hostility is a possibility. In case of hostility, your new IT partners should be able to mitigate it for you.

5. Let Your Team Know About the IT Company Switching

Communicating to your team about the new IT company ensures effective implementation of the new protocols. Your employees need to know who they should reach out to if they face tech problems.

Wolff Adar IT Solutions Will Assist You Smoothly Transition to Your New IT Company

When your current IT vendor doesn’t satisfy your business’ tech needs, your best option is to switch to a company that offers exemplary services. Most organizations fear switching IT companies because it appears a daunting task.

Wolff Adar IT solutions can help you switch to an IT Vendor that adds value to your business with no distractions. We’ve helped hundreds of companies transition to their new IT companies, and we can help you too. Contact us today to get customized IT solutions that will help you through the transition process.